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BUS 625 - Marketing Research: Statista

Course page for Business 625 class, Professor Maria Lam

Go to Statista

Search Statista with this link.  It may prompt you for your Network ID and password (same as you use for Canvas and probably your PLNU Gmail account).

The link will open in a new window.

Why use Statista?


  • 170 industries and 150 countries and regions


  • Market and consumer data on 80,000+ topics, updated daily
  • Over 20,000 reports
  • Provides a company overview that includes: size, spending and revenue, market position, media, and other relevant statistical data


  • Provides a brief overview of industry outlooks such as: Advertising & Media Markets, Consumer Markets, Countries' Digital Markets, Health Markets, Industries Mobility Markets, and Technology Markets
  • Provides daily Infographics where global stories are vividly visualized