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BUS 625 - Marketing Research: Lexis/Nexis

Course page for Business 625 class, Professor Maria Lam

Go to Lexis/Nexis

Search Lexis/Nexis with this link.   You will be asked to log in with your PLNU network information.

The link will open in a new window.

Why use Lexis/Nexis?

Lexis/Nexis is arguably the single largest full-text online database in the world.  It includes over 5,900 news, business, and legal publications.  

The (Not Really Very) Skinny

  • To locate articles on various topics, search for keywords, using Boolean operators ("and," "or," "not").  To find, for example, information on how Groupon's marketing practices...
    • Search for "headline(Groupon) and hlead(marketing)" --but without the quotes.  ...finds "Groupon" in the story title or headline, together with "marketing" in the "headline" (title) or the lead paragraph.  This narrows your search to articles with these parameters-- a great way to bring focus to your search (much better than "Groupon and marketing").  
    • Search for "headline(Groupon) and atleast5(marketing)" --again, without the quotes.  ...finds "Groupon in the headline, together with at least 5 occurences of the word "marketing" in the same article (and that could be any number, doesn't have to be "5").  This makes sure that the article is really about marketing. 
    • After any search, add a keyword to the "Search within results" box.  This combines your previous search with a Boolean "and" so that all of your results will also include the new keyword.  For example, for either of the previous searches, try adding the word "consumers" to the "Search within results" box.

These are very definitely "power searcher" tips, but, since Lexis/Nexis doesn't make use of subject headings, these work-arounds will help narrow your search.  If you need help searching Lexis/Nexis, please contact Frank Quinn for assistance.

  • There's a wealth of marketing and industry information in L/N.  Here's how to find it. 
    • At the top of the page, under "Source Directory," click "Browse"
    • Click the "Industries & Markets" folder
    • Choose from a variety of market and industry reports (tip: try "Hoover's Industry Snapshots" in the "Industry Directories & Profiles" folder), then click "OK" to add it to your search.  Add appropriate keywords in the search box, then click "Search."

The Special

  • Use "Get Company Info" to get a neat snapshot of company news, contacts, and financials, including stock quotes and charts.
  • You can also search for SEC Filings by clicking on the "Search by Content Type" pull-down menu and selecting "SEC Filings" fro the list.