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HIS2070: Doing History: Articles and Databases

A research guide for Dr. Bill Wood's Doing History course.

How to Search Databases Demo Video (8 min.)

This eight-minute video covers how to search databases available through Ryan Library.

Library Databases with Primary and Secondary Sources

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sources through Library Databases

(Note: You will be prompted to enter your PLNU username and password.)

Primary Sources: When using the three EBSCO databases below, in Advanced Search, limit the Publication Type to Primary Source:

Secondary Sources: See the box to the right for a list of history databases. These databases are good places to search for secondary sources on your topic.

Tertiary Sources: Online and Print Encyclopedias

Ryan Library provides hundreds of print encyclopedias in the Reference Area. And we provide access to over 790 reference books simultaneously through Credo Reference database. Encyclopedias are helpful resources to find background information on your topic.

Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar to access citations to and some full-text of academic articles. Use Interlibrary Loan to request the full article, if needed. NOTE: You will have access to many more full-text articles when searching Google Scholar while on campus at PLNU. When off campus, you will have access to fewer full-text articles. If you would like a librarian to search for a full-text article for you from campus, send an email with the article's citation to

Google Scholar Search

Library Databases on History

Recommended databases for Doing History (HIS2070):

NOTE: All databases require a PLNU login.

Additional databases recommended for History students include:

(Hint: Since these are EBSCO databases, you can search the three databases above, along with Academic Search Premier and ATLA, at the same time by clicking on "Choose Databases" once you are inside one of the databases. Check the box of the names of the databases you would like to search simultaneously. Or search all EBSCO databases simultaneously by using the Articles tab on the Library's homepage.)

The Other Sheep: Available Online and In Print

The Other Sheep was a monthly journal devoted to the Foreign Missionary interests of the Church of the Nazarene. Ryan Library provides print periodicals for the titles and date ranges listed below. All periodicals are organized alphabetically by title and located on the Lower Level of Ryan Library:

Nazarene Missionary journal has changed names over the years:

Other Sheep: 1913-1974 (v. 1-61)

World Mission: 1974-1998 (v. 1-24)

Holiness Today: 1999-2019 (v. 1-21)

NOTE: Several indices have been created for The Other Sheep, though they are not comprehensive. See this Google Drive to find indices for years 1913-1918 and 1953-1974. (The 1953-1974 index is attached at the bottom of this box.)

The Wesleyan Holiness Digital Library (WHDL) provides global online access to a wealth of Wesleyan-Holiness resources, including archival materials. WHDL was initiated by the global Church of the Nazarene and serves as the institutional repository for Nazarene universities. 

The WHDL contains some digital copies of issues from 1931 to 1951 of The Other Sheep. (Note: Click on 'Download PDF' to read online or actually download. When dowloaded, you can keyword search the downloaded PDF using the Cntl+F shortcut for PCs or Cmmd+F for Macs.)

Herald of Holiness (general publication of the Nazarene denomination; later changed names to Holiness Today):