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Study Room Technology: CDs

This guide describes the Group Study Rooms (and their available technology) in Ryan Library.

How to play a CD

Getting started:

  • Use wall panel to turn on TV.
  • Use wall panel and select DVD.
  • On remote control press ON/OFF button. 
  • On remote control press INPUT/AV button.
  • To select music option from TV screen, on remote press right-arrow button.
  • To open Blu-Ray player press remote control's OPEN/CLOSE.
  • Place CD in player.
  • Close player using remote control's OPEN/CLOSE button.
  • Select disc option on screen by pressing remote's down arrow button.

While in use:

  • Use remote's blue PLAY and SKIP buttons to play disc and select tracks.
  • Use volume control on remote control or wall panel.

Before you leave the study room:

  • Using remote, open the player and remove disc.
  • Turn off both the Blu-Ray player & TV.

photo of the remote