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Info for Faculty: Accessing Articles

The Info for Faculty page is designed to help connect PLNU full-time and adjunct faculty members with the resources, contact information, and other materials they need most frequently from the library.

Ask a Librarian

Chat with a librarian here! 

You can also connect via text message at 619-592-8884 or by email.

Finding full text for specific article

InterLibrary Loan

allows members of the PLNU community to request articles from another library.

Before you request an article, it is important that you complete the following steps (in this order) to verify that the article is not available at PLNU:

  1. Find out if the journal is full text in one of our databases. 
  2. Find out if the journal (hard copy) is located in Ryan Library.  (NOTE: If you are a student, faculty or staff at one of PLNU's Regional Centers, and the journal is at Ryan Library, we will scan the article and email it to you.  Use InterLibrary Loan to request the article, but type "In Ryan Library" in the Notes field on your request.)