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HIS2070: Doing History: Reference Sources

A research guide for Dr. Bill Wood's Doing History course.

Short Missionary Biographies

Boston University: Missionary Biographies 

This biographies collection is part of Boston University's Missiology Collection and is freely available to the public. Biographies are listed alphabetically in an A-Z list. In addition to looking up your missionary's name in the A-Z list for a biography, search the name again in the search box to find digitized by or about your missionary. These books provide include classic writings include works on mission theology, theory, and strategy.

Note: The BU resource frequently cites the below reference book held in Ryan Library.

For women missionaries, search Credo for “The American Women's Almanac: 500 Years of Making History Timeline.”

Credo Reference: History

Credo Logo

Credo Reference helps you start your historical research with timelines, regional and global histories, and introductions to key historical events.

Christian Missions Concept Map

For a dynamic version of this concept map with hyperlinks and a results list on "Christian missions," visit this link to the Credo Reference database (PLNU login required).undefined