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How to Do Research: Library Research Module (Online Videos)

Use this guide to begin research on a new topic and to learn more about Ryan Library's research tools.

Library Research Module

Welcome to the library research module for your writing course!

The purpose of this module is to introduce you to the resources available via PLNU's Ryan Library, to show you how they work, and to give you practice using them.  Your librarians want you to gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to support your writing well; we also want you to feel comfortable asking for help when you need it. We are here to support your academic success!

Along with the video series below, the How To Do Research guide (tabs to the left) on the Library's website will help you understand and use the research resources available to you. As you work your way through the videos below, you will use the Library Research Assignment (link opens in Canvas; you must open the assignment in the Chrome browserto practice finding four essential types of information sources and gathering the citation information you'll need to cite each one.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):

1. Students will be able to determine the extent of information needed to explore their research topic.
2. Students will be able to access the needed information through use of the Library’s catalog, databases and Google using appropriate search techniques.
3. Students will be able to use information effectively to refine their research topics.


Videos 1 & 2: Greetings from your librarians!


Video 3: Introduction to the Research Process and the Library Research Assignment (9:25)


Video 4: Understanding Research as Inquiry (3:30)

Before we start looking for sources of information, we need to understand the research process. This video will explain the concept of research as inquiry.


Video 5: Source #1---Subject Encyclopedias (7:27)

Our first essential source for information is encyclopedia articles. This video will demonstrate how find subject encyclopedia articles using the Library's Credo Reference database.


Video 6: Source #2---eBooks (5:39)

Our second essential source for information is books. This video will demonstrate how to search for, access, and cite ebooks. All of Ryan Library's ebooks are available to you, no matter where you are.


Video 7: Understanding that Authority Is Contextual (4:12)

This video explains what it means for information to have authority. This will help us to determine which sources of information are appropriate to include in our academic research.


Video 8: Peer-Review (1:28)

Peer-reviewed sources have the authority of subject-area experts that make them the right choice for the context of college level research. This video explains the peer-review process.



Video 9: Source #3---Scholarly Journal Articles (11:46)

This video demonstrates finding scholarly journal articles using PLNU databases.


Video 10: Source #4---High Quality Internet Resources (14:45)

This presentation demonstrates evaluating sources for quality and shows several shortcuts to help you efficiently and effectively find high quality sources in Google.


Extra Help with Citations

The Citation Help page of the How To Do Research guide offers many resources to help you create citations. If you need additional help, please contact the Library. The Library's homepage has options for connecting with us via chat, text, phone, and email. If you need help, please ask!

Need help? Have questions? Please contact us!

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