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Theology, Christian Ministries, and Philosophy: Exegesis

Research Guide in the areas of Theology, Philosophy, and Christian Ministry.

Commentary Series in eBook Format

The Bible commentary series listed below are available in ebook format through Ryan Library. Not all volumes in each series is available as an ebook.

Biblical Exegesis

Browse our Reference section or the corresponding call numbers on the Lower Level of Ryan Library:

  • 220 Bible
    • Bible Concordances 220.2
    • Bible Dictionaries 220.3
    • Bibles 220.52
    • Bible Interpretation and Criticism; Exegesis 220.6
    • Bible Commentaries 220.7

See a longer list of Dewey Call numbers in the 200 range on the Books tab of this guide. Notices books on the historical setting of the New Testament will be in several places. For example, Bible dictionaries are on the New Testament are kept both in the 220.3 area with Bible dictionaries and the 225 area for books on the New Testament.

Books Offering Perspectives from the Original Audience

Commentaries in Print

Commentaries are published in series with each volume written by a different author over a number of years. Each commentary series approaches the biblical text from a unique standpoint. You can browse both the Library's Reference Area and the Lower Level for books in the 220.7 call number range, which is where our commentaries are kept. Some of our commentaries are shelved in the Old Testament section, which is 221, or the New Testament section, which is 225. The bibliographies in commentaries are worth using to find more sources on your topic. 

Note: If you only need a small section of a book, we can scan that section for you and email it to you. Email with questions. You can find more commentaries on your area of interest by clicking on the hyperlinked series titles and subject headings in each book's record.

The list below highlights a few commentary series with different perspectives:

InterVarsity Press Commentaries: Evangelical (available online at

Anchor Bible Commentary: Ecumenical (220.7 B582a)

Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament: Evangelical (220.7 B167e)

Beacon Bible Commentary: Wesleyan and Methodist (220.7 B366)

Hermeneia: Critical and historical commentary on the Bible ( 220.7 H553)

New International Greek Testament Commentary: Evangelical (225.48 N532i)

New Interpreter's Bible (NIB): Ecumenical, published by Abingdon a United Methodist group (220.7 I613n)

Pillar New Testament Commentary: Evangelical (220.7 P641)

Word Bible Commentary: Evangelical (220.7 W924b)

Books Offering Various Methods of Interpretation