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ACC 460 Auditing: Accounting and Auditing News

Research Guide for Professor Hammond's Auditing class

Assignment: Class Participation - Wall Street Journal

Relevant text:

"At the beginning of each class there will be an opportunity to share one article that you found in business periodicals that relate to auditing subject matters.  Articles concerning fraud, financial misstatement, errors and omissions, new accounting rules and regulations, etc.....

Your class presentation should be limited to no more than two or three minutes and explain the following:

  1. Names of the parties involved
  2. Brief description of the situation
  3. Amount of money involved
  4. Accounting irregularity
  5. How the current auditing/account procedures should have mitigated or impacted the situation. Be specific."

Business News Sources in Library Databases

Wall Street Journal Search Tip: search for keywords like "accounting and fraud" (be sure to include the "and"), then re-sort your results to display the most recent items at the top.

Wall Street Journal (coverage: 1984 to present)

Los Angeles Times (coverage: 6 months ago to present)

New York Times (coverage: June, 1980, to present)

Finding accounting news in the Wall Street Journal

There are two good ways to find current accounting/ auditing news from the Wall Street Journal:

Online -

  • Use the ABI/Inform link to the Wall Street Journal in the box in the middle column. 
  • Search for keywords like "accounting and fraud" (no need for quotes), then...
  • Go to the "Sort results by:" pull-down box at the right-hand side of your results page, change the default option to "Publication date (most recent first)," then click "Sort."  This should give you a list of recent stories on accounting fraud appearing in the Wall Street Journal

Note:  While the website is an excellent source for accounting news, almost all of it is behind a firewall and inaccessible to anyone but personal subscribers.  You might be able to use it to get ideas or find titles of interesting stories, but you'll still need to connect to our online database to read most articles.

Paper - paper copies of the Wall Street Journal are available both in Ryan Library and the Fermanian School of Business. Tip: the "What's News" section on the front page and the "Money & Investing" section are both good sources for accounting and auditing news. For Ryan Library copies of the WSJ, please photocopy any articles you need.

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