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Kinesiology: Internet

Evaluating Websites

Consider Quality...

These principles of web source evalution are drawn from The St. Martin's Handbook8th edition (p. 218-219):


  • Does the site or document have an author? What are the author's credentials? Why should you trust this author as an expert? 


  • Who sponsors or publishes the source? What evidence demonstrates that the sponsor or publisher is credible? What purpose or perspective does the sponsor seem to promote?


  • How recently was the information posted or modified? Could it be outdated or obsolete?


  • How do you know that the information itself is trustworthy? Are there links to other sites or sources to support factual claims?

Recommended Websites

Looking for online information from a reputable organization? These websites may prove helpful:

  • APTA - Resources on scholarship & practice from the American Physical Therapy Assoc.

  • Gatorade Sports Science Institute - Research reports and FAQs supplied by Gatorade SSI

  • Medscape - Medical news & some full-text journal articles (requires free user account)

  • NATA - Resources for students from the National Athletic Trainers' Assoc.

  • NLM Catalog - Journal abbreviations for AMA

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