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History and Political Science Research Guide: Internet Sources

A research guide to access hard-copy and online resources. "We are all inseparable from our times. If you don't know history, it is as if you were born yesterday." Howard Zinn, Historian

Recommended Internet Sources for Political Science

Evaluating Websites

Consider Quality...

Ask a librarian at the Research Help Desk if you're unsure if a website is trustworthy or not.


Does the site/document have an author? What are the author's credentials? Why should you trust this author as an expert? Take care to not confuse the author with the translator or digitizer.


Who sponsors or publishes the source? Who is responsible for maintaining the website? (Hint: Look for the copyright symbol often found at the bottom of the webpage or in the About Us section.) What evidence demonstrates that the sponsor/publisher is credible? What purpose/perspective does the sponsor seem to promote?

Affiliation with a university, a non-profit, or a professional association are often indicators of truthworthiness.


How recently was the information posted or modified? Could it be outdated or obsolete?


How do you know that the information itself is trustworthy? Are there links to other sites/sources to support factual claims? Does the source include references to supporting material and further research?