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Women in the Christian Tradition: CHU3040: Reference Sources

This research guide provides information on accessing resources in support of the curriculum in Women in the Christian Tradition (CHU3040).

Timeline of Women's History in the US

This timeline of milestones in women's US history is from The American Women's Almanac: 500 Years of Making History provided by the Credo Reference Database. The timeline covers 1539 to 2019. To view the timeline in the Credo Reference database, open this link, or open the PDF below. (You will be prompted to enter your PLNU username and password.)

Women in the Bible: Unnamed and Named

The print books listed below are in Ryan Library's Reference Collection.  If you are able to come to campus, you may borrow the book and pick it up on the library's patio a specified time. If you live outside of San Diego County, you may request that a library book be mailed to you through USPS. Email questions and requests to Robin at

Note: You can view the book's description and table of contents by opening the book's record (click on the book's title below), then clicking "View Description."

eBook Reference Sources

The ebooks listed below are available through Ryan Library and require a PLNU login. You can keyword-search the contents of the books listed here once you've opened the ebook.

For electronic Bible commentaries, see the Reference Sources page of the Theology Research Guide.

The three titles below are reference books available through the Credo Reference database:

Who's Who of the Bible (2012): Every single individual whose name is listed in the Bible is listed here in order of their appearance in the Bible with their dates, a concise description of their lives and significance, and references to where they occur in the text.

Essential Bible Dictionary (2017): This Bible dictionary is published by Zondervan and is available through the Credo Reference database. The hyperlinked title opens to a alphabetized table of contents.

Encyclopedia of World Religions: Encyclopedia of Protestantism (2016): Available through Credo Reference database. Using an A-to-Z format, this encyclopedia covers the primary people, events, groups, and theological issues that emerged at the Protestantism's origin; the main individuals, concerns, and movements that shaped it in subsequent centuries. Coverage includes those parts of the world in which Protestantism did not appear until the 19th century, regions that are now home to the growing edge of the movement (Asia, Africa, and Oceania).