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Women in the Christian Tradition: CHU3040: Websites

This research guide provides information on accessing resources in support of the curriculum in Women in the Christian Tradition (CHU3040).

Yale University Day Missions Collection

Three women missionaries and their Malagasy co-workers, Faravohitra, Antsirabe, Madagascar, 1919

The Day Missions Collection at Yale University focuses on institutional histories, missionary biography, the annual reports of missionary societies, periodicals, and works prepared by missionaries for the use of the peoples of mission fields, as well as related literature in areas such as ethnology, geography, comparative religions, and linguistics. It includes report, periodicals, and images.

Photo: "Three women missionaries and their Malagasy co-workers, Faravohitra, Antsirabe, Madagascar." 1919. International Mission Photography Archive, University of Southern California Digital Library, Los Angeles

Evaluating Sources for Authority

Consider Quality...


Does the site/document have an author? What are the author's credentials? Why should you trust this author as an expert? 


Who sponsors or publishes the source? What evidence demonstrates that the sponsor/publisher is credible? What purpose/perspective does the sponsor seem to promote?


How recently was the information posted or modified? Could it be outdated or obsolete?


How do you know that the information itself is trustworthy? Are there links to other sites/sources to support factual claims?


Websites on Women in the Christian Tradition

Primary Sources Online: Christian Denominations and Missions

The below websites provide primary sources on Christian missions, primarily, and on Christian denominations, generally. Keyword search by Christian leader or missionary's name, denomination, and/or region. Try alternate spellings, if needed.

Here are the names of a few 19th-century missionaries that can be researched using the websites listed below: Mary Bird (1859-1914), Maria A. Gerber (1858-1917),  Margaret Elmslie (1833-1872), Clementina Butler (d. 1913), Emma Clough (d. 1940), and Clara Swain (1834-1910).