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Literature, Journalism, Writing, & Languages: Getting Started

Use this guide as a starting point for LJWL research

Research for LJWL Majors

Use the LJWL guide as a starting place to locate helpful resources!

  • Find specialized Reference sources
  • Find books that build your knowledge
  • Find scholarly articles with research data
  • Find reliable, useful Internet resources

Explore the tabs above, and please ask for help whenever you need it.

Why Use Reference Books?

Reference sources provide background information, an overview of a topic, specialized vocabulary and terminology, and critical concepts. The Library has reference materials both online and in print. Here's how to search:

  1. Go to WorldCat
  2. Search using a concise description of your topic plus "encyclopedias" or "dictionaries" (plural)
  3. Choose "Point Loma Nazarene University" in the pull-down menu
  4. If needed, repeat using a broader description of your topic
  5. Click on title of encyclopedia
  6. Use the "call number" to find the book in the Reference Area
  7. Use the encyclopedia's index to find a relevant article

Want more information? 

Specialized Reference Books

Ryan Library has a variety of reference books that may be useful in LJWL courses, including:

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