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Browse this research guide to find quality sources on your topic. Contact librarian Robin Lang at with your research questions.

Research Project

Research Argument Paper (from Canvas)

The completed paper will include these components:

  • Title Page (1 page)
  • Problem Statement (1 page)
    • Give a statement of the problem being researched
    • Summary of the problem based on your review of literature
    • What are some possible outcomes/answers to the problem you suspect to find in your research?
  • Literature Review (3-4 pages)
    • Includes at least four peer-reviewed sources (research should be within last five years, 10 years at the most)
    • Will include article summaries and syntheses of key ideas and concepts
  • Conclusion (1-2 pages)
    • Restate your problem with a brief summary of the literature review.
    • Answer: What was the outcome/answer to the problem that you discovered in your research?
    • Describe: How will your research help Child Development stakeholders. How will you use this data? 
      • Just remember that you cannot use first person in this paper.  No saying, "My research will help professionals...")
  • References Page (1 page)
    • List each source that you cited in your paper in proper APA style & format


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