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CHD1020 Child & Adolescent Development: Home

Research Project

Defining Your Research Question

Provide your idea for the research assignment. Think of a problem or dilemma of child or adolescent development. Pick something that interests you. It can relate to parenting, environmental issues, or social issues.

  • Give a statement of the problem or dilemma.

Conducting a Literature Review

  • Find five peer-reviewed articles that provide a research base for your research topic.
  • Write a brief summary of each article.
  • Create a References page using the examples and instructions in these APA 7th edition resources.
  • Include your Title Page and Research Question before the Literature Review (summaries) section.

Describing the Problem

Create a 1-page document that provides a problem statement for your research project. Include the following:

  • a statement of the problem being researched;
  • a summary of the problem based on your review of the literature;
  • and some possible outcomes/answers to the problem.


  • Restate your problem statement with a brief summary of the literature review.
  • What was the outcome/answer to the problem that you discovered in your research?
  • How will your research help educators/parents? How will you use this data?

Final Research Project: Putting It All Together

Your final project should include the following:

  • Title Page (State the problem, not your research question)
  • Statement of the Problem
  • Literature Review
  • Conclusion
  • References