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Business Resources: ABI/Inform

Use this guide to assist you in finding resources for accounting, business & marketing.

Go to ABI/Inform

Search ABI/Inform with this link.  You will be asked to log in with your PLNU network information.

The link will open in a new window.

Why use ABI/Inform?

ABI/Inform is the largest resource for scholarly business information available at PLNU.


  • provides in-depth coverage of over 3,500 popular, scholarly, and trade publications
  • full-text access to nearly 2,500 titles


      includes current business and financial information, with special emphasis on:

  • business conditions
  • management techniques
  • management practice and theory
  • marketing and advertising
  • business trends
  • corporate strategy and tactics
  • economics
  • human resources
  • finance
  • taxation
  • computers


  • full-text access to the Wall Street Journal (Eastern Edition), from 1984 to today
  • access to over 18,000 full-text doctoral dissertations and master's theses on business topics