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Copyright on Campus: Library Reserve

This guide describes important components of copyright law and their relevance to the academic environment.

Reserve Suggestions

Consider placing the following types of material on reserve at the Circulation desk:

  • Course textbooks
  • Optional books for further reading
  • Sample papers (with permission)
  • Lecture notes (if durably bound)

Placing Materials on Reserve

Ryan Library offers faculty the opportunity to place course-related items on library reserve, provided that use of the material complies with US Copyright Law (Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107) and the fair use guidelines.

Faculty can learn about placing items on reserve... 

...via Ryan Library's Reserve Material page, or items may be submitted to the Circulation and Reserve Supervisor.  Contact the Reserve Supervisor at (619) 849-2372 if questions arise.

As a safeguard against copyright infringement, the library has taken the following measures:

  • Materials are housed at the Circulation desk and are available for short-term checkout.
  • Journal articles, book excerpts, and photocopied materials are not eligible for Reserve. 
  • Student-generated work may be placed on Reserve only with written permission from the student.

Review the "Common Scenarios" page for more guidelines on the fair use and course reserves.

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