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Covid-19/ Pandemic Resources: National

Campus, local, national, and global resources for the Covid-19 pandemic. Context is also provided on a history of pandemics.

The Covid Tracking Project -- By The Atlantic

The Atlantic has one of the most robust and compressive tracking systems available for information on the states. It tracks total case count, testing results, hospitalizations, and more. Click on the image below to go to their website.

PBS's Frontline: Coronavirus Pandemic

Doctors to Follow on Twitter

Dr: Nancy Messonnnier: CDC Vaccine Expert. Disease Detective & Mom

Dr. Tom Frieden: Former director of the CDC.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus: Director of the World Health Organization

Dr. Tom Inglesby: Director of John Hopkins Center for Health Security

Dr. Michael Mina: Epidemiologist, Immunologist, Physician, Harvard Public Health/Medical School.

Dr. Devi Sridhar: professor at Edinburgh University Medical School in Scotland, she speaks from a more European perspective.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

The CDC provides many helpful resources including ready-made brochures and fliers for public use. If you are looking for helpful information and helpful infographics follow the image link to their website.

Other Social Media Accounts Follow

The TikTok Doc: Ran by Dr. Jason Campbell featuring a number of medical topics.

Dr. Austin Chiang on TikTok: From Jefferson Health in Philadelphia. 

Dr. Mike Varshavski on Instagram: speaks on many interesting topics.

The official NIH Instagram: The page for the National Institutes of Health.