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HIS2070: Doing History: Books

A research guide for Dr. Bill Wood's Doing History course.

Books on Nazarene Missionaries

If your topic is related to Nazarene missionaries, try these two separate searches by copying the search string below and pasting it into the WorldCat search box to the right:

su: Church of the Nazarene Missions

se: Missionary series (Kansas City, Mo.) 

Once you've done that, you can open the Advanced Search and add more keywords, by adding a keyword in the second box, and changing the Search Index box drop down menu to "keyword," like this:

NOTE: When you're in a book's record, like this, you can use the 'Browse the Shelf' feature towards the bottom of the record to see what is on the actual shelf to the left and right.

Questions? Ask librarian Robin Lang at

Open Access eBooks

The below websites provide ebooks for free, so a login is not required. Many of the ebooks provided are in the public domain and published before 1923.


Google Book Search

Requesting Materials from Other Libraries

Use this option when requesting items that are not available at Ryan Library:

      InterLibrary Loan

  • Articles, books and other materials can be requested from InterLibrary Loan.
  • Books requested via InterLibrary Loan may take a minumum of 7-10 business days.
  • Loan periods and renewal availability varies depending on the participating libraries.
  • Overdue fines will apply.

Click Here for ILL Request Form

Please select either the article or book form

Quick Search

Once you type in a search term, you can limit your results page to Print Books or eBooks by checking the box(es) on the left side of the page. 

    Find books, media, select articles and more:

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Looking for the full-text of a specific article? Use the box to search for the title of the journal containing your article:


Print Books Available in Ryan Library

Use these call numbers (900s on Upper Level and 200s on Lower Level) to browse print books in Ryan Library:

    • 922: History—Biography—Theology (missionaries, theologians, and pastors)
    • 248: Christian Life (missionary biography/autobiographies)
    • 266: Missions (missionary biographies/autobiographies)
      • 266.99: Nazarene Missionaries/Missions
    • 287: Methodists and Related churches
      • 287.99: Nazarene Church history
    • 270: Christian Church History
      • 274 Christian church in Europe
      • 275 Christian church in Asia
      • 276 Christian church in Africa
      • 277 Christian church in North America
      • 278 Christian church in South America
      • 279 Christian church in other areas

Reference Book: