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COM 1000: Introduction

This guide supports the work of students in COM 1000, Principles of Human Communication

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Research for COM 1000

This guide highlights resources that are especially useful for COM 1000.

The information here provides an introduction to research for this course. Use the guide as a starting point, but ask questions as they arise. PLNU librarians are available to help!

Choosing a Topic

Choosing and refining a topic is an important part of the research process.  One valuable path for exploring debatable current topics is our Credo Reference database, which includes resources like ProCon Headlines and Issues and Controversies in addition to more than 700 specialized encyclopedias. Keep in mind that your topic may need to fit specific criteria assigned by your professor. ‚Äč

Within Credo, we recommend the following:

Browse Topic Pages

Explore Mind Maps (available on each topic page)

Try your own search