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CDV 3055 (Development of Children with Special Needs): Home

This guide supports the central research project associated with CDV 3055.

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Research Paper


While special education is bound by law to provide equal education to individuals with disabilities, issues which affect children or families of children with special needs abound.  Parents often find themselves at a loss when it comes to what can be done to accommodate their child and often as an educator you will be expected to come up with solutions.

Research is conducted to gain a better understanding of something or someone or to provide a solution to a problem.  For this assignment, you will research practices to support children with special needs and offer solutions and accommodations that should be made for children in the education setting. 

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For this assignment you must: 

  • Write a research question formulated to address an issue that affects children or families of children with special needs.
  • Research and find a minimum of five peer-reviewed journal articles published in the last three years (one research book may be used in place of a peer-reviewed journal article)
  • Complete a research paper summarizing and providing an analysis of your findings and addressing the research question.
  • Provide supporting evidence of your findings from the articles reviewed. 
  • Offer advice to parents regarding solutions from research as it relates to elements of parenting and accommodations for the healthy development and environment for their child(ren) and/or adolescent(s) with a disability.
  • Complete an annotated bibliography of all research materials found.
  • See the following video for a guide to Annotated Bibliographies.  You will add the annotated portion to your APA formatted references and include an additional reference page separate from your annotated bibliography. 
  • Guide to Annotated Bibliographies
  • The research paper must  be done in APA Format
  • The research paper should be 2-3 pages in length in addition to the title page, annotated bibliography and reference page.