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Chemistry: Jobs in Chemistry

This research guide serves as a starting point for research on Chemistry and related topics.

Understanding Your Options

What do chemists and materials scientists do in their day-to-day work lives? How much do they get paid, and what types of skills are essential? Are there job possibilities I might not have considered?


The Occupational Outlook Handbookprovided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, can help answer these questions. 

BLS Info on Chemists

Career Preparation

Help is Available! 

Explore these resources that can help you prepare for the job search process.

Resume Preparation Guide

This 23-page guide from the American Chemical Society offers tips for those seeking employment in fields related to chemistry. The guide addresses the types of information that should be included in a resume and how best to describe professional, educational, and volunteer experiences.

Interview Advice for Chemists (video)