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Family and Consumer Sciences: Reference Sources

Use this guide as a starting point for research in the FCS disciplines.

FCS Guide Welcome

Welcome to Ryan Library’s Family & Consumer Sciences Research Guide! Use this guide to:

  • Find specialized Reference sources
  • Find books that build your knowledge
  • Find scholarly articles with research data
  • Find reliable, useful Internet resources

Explore the tabs above, and please ask for help whenever you need it.

Why Use Reference Books?

Reference sources provide background information, an overview of a topic, specialized vocabulary and terminology, and critical concepts. The Library has reference materials both online and in print.

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Finding Reference Sources

Need to find an encyclopedia not listed on this page?

  • Go to the Advanced Search in PHINEAS
  • Type a concise search (1 or 2 words) in the keyword box
  • Select Reference in the location box
  • If you have trouble finding resources, ask a librarian for help

Reference Books - Family & Consumer Sciences

Ryan Library has several encyclopedias that may be useful for FCS students, including:

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