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COM 265 (Intro to Empirical Research): Smart Searching Online

Useful Websites

These sites may help support your work for COM 265:

Not finding what you need?

Try one of these options:

The Constant Question

"Is this site the BEST source for the information I need?"

Evaluating Websites

The following guidance for web site evalution is drawn from Diana Hacker's tips:


  • Does the site or document have an author? Can you tell whether the author is knowledgeable and credible? 


  • Who, if anyone, sponsors the site? Does the sponsor likely have a bias?

Purpose and audience

  • Why was the site created: To argue a position? To sell a product? To inform readers? Which readers?


  • How current is the information?  If the document or site is too dated to provide relevant information, find a more timely source.

Ask a Librarian

Chat with a librarian here! 

You can also connect via text message at 619-592-8884 or by email.