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Roving Librarian: Past

This guide supports the Roving Librarian poster session. The Past, Present and Future tabs below refer to roving at Point Loma Nazarene University Ryan Library.


Clay Tablet

  • We scheduled research workshops for all members of the campus community.  These workshops showed how to use databases and presented quality Internet web sites.  However, these times did not always work for staff, professors and administrators.
  • Some persons were not eager to have others see their lack of knowledge of how to access library resources or their computer skills.  These persons didn't sign up for the class.  Interesting to note that segregated all-staff classes and all-faculty classes worked better.  Still, there were the scheduling issues.
  • Skills did not always transfer from the computer lab training room to the employees' desk computer.
  • We left the Research Help Desk computer to help students find books on library shelves. If, while doing this, another research question came up requiring computer access we walked back to the Research Help Desk computer.  If they express interest in database journals that meant another trip back to a computer.
  • Classes for college composition gave librarians three classes time to work with the students.  These classes were mostly for freshman. Librarians have limited access to classroom instruction beyond College Composition research skills.  The library that freshmen are introduced to in the composition class is not the same library they have access to as seniors.  If these changes are not taught beyond first year college composition then valuable resources lie dormant and students miss out on the databases.

Something needed to change.