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Roving Librarian: Future

This guide supports the Roving Librarian poster session. The Past, Present and Future tabs below refer to roving at Point Loma Nazarene University Ryan Library.

The Roving Librarian is just getting started


  • Future graphicSchedule teaching sessions at the staff, teachers' and administrators' desks.  You show them on the iPad how search is done and they at their computer follow the steps.  They can bookmark quality Internet sites on their office computer.  The Rover is not commandeering their computer.  Person receiving the instruction searches for themselves with the librarian as guide.
  • Send an email to individuals who are library supporters asking if they would like a visit from the Roving Librarian. Include what you can show them from the library's resources.
  • As much as possible know the interests of the person you're teaching.  Can be easy with a professor in a specific department.  For others, not so simple. Ask what search skills they would like to become more adapt with when you set up a meeting time.
  • Broad appeal databases are a great jumping off point to begin teaching.
  • Become proficient in Explain Everything.  Incorporate EE for instructional videos.   
  • Download more educational apps.
  • Continue monitoring podcasts and publications for information on higher education library uses for tablets
  • Promote an iPad purchase for the library and encourage librarians use it at the Research Help Desk.
  • Be near the campus coffee shop during times they see the most customers.. 
  • Keep roving!