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Roving Librarian: Present

This guide supports the Roving Librarian poster session. The Past, Present and Future tabs below refer to roving at Point Loma Nazarene University Ryan Library.

Where we are now

  • Compare tablets.  iPad provides great support and educational tutorials.
  • Shirt frontGot a Roving Librarian t-shirt. (see pictures to the right of the front and back of the shirt.)
  • The shirt  is worn at: faculty meetings, faculty lunches, while eating with students in the cafeteria, walking across campus to an instructional meeting with someone.
  • Wear name tag with our campus logo.  Not everyone on campus knows who you are.  If a student has not seen you in the library they may not know who you are.
  • Carry business cards at all times for the same reason.
  • Shirt backGet an iPad case that allows you a secure hold the tablet with one hand leaving the other hand free to manipulate the screen.
  • As much as possible know the interests of the person you're teaching.  Can be easy with a professor in a specific department.  For others, not so simple.
  • Broad appeal databases are a great jumping off point to begin teaching.
  • The line of people into the cafeteria is a prime spot to be for questions.  A captive audience?  Yes, but respect them.
  • When roving, have the screen display an eye-catching message such as "NEED ANSWERS?" on the tablet's screen. The silent message elicits smiles but also gets research questions.
  • Know your resources.  Reacquaint yourself with all the library's databases. See how the databases display on the tablet.  It may display differently than on a PC/Mac.
  • Have a battery of quality Internet resources bookmarked.
  • Know your audience.  Different members of the campus community respond differently to the Roving Librarian.  Adjust your approach accordingly.  
  • iTunes U has videos regarding technology and education.  Note the ones on iPad use.
  • Download the Explain Everything app.   EE is an inexpensive app for iPad and MAC.  Place a video online.