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COM 100: News Info

This guide supports the work of students in COM 100, Principles of Human Communication

Notes about News

Reminders about news articles:

  • Background is brief - context is often limited by brevity
  • Time marches on - look for more recent developments
  • Perspective matters - note the country or region of the source

News in the Library

Ryan Library subscribes to paper copies of the following newspapers:

  • Los Angeles Times
  • New York Times
  • San Diego Union Tribune
  • Wall Street Journal

Current papers are on the east wall of the library reference area; back issues are stored on the lower level near the photocopiers.

Newspapers are retained for four months.

News in the Databases - Lexis Nexis

The Lexis Nexis database offers the largest collection of full-text news articles--an ideal source for current events and other timely information.

  • Try the Getting Started guide to learn the basics of searching this database
  • Explore the Hot Topics box in the center of the main search screen

News Online

Rather than using keywords in a general search engine, go directly to a reputable news source. Use the search tools on the news organization's site to identify relevant articles. Try one or more of the following:

  • BBC - based in the UK
  • CNN - U.S. edition
  • CNN - International edition
  • CNN - Mexico edition (in Spanish)
  • NBC - formerly MSNBC

Also search the sites associated with prominent newspapers. Consider trying some of these: