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Communication & Theatre: Reference Sources

This guide will help researchers in Communication and Theatre identify and evaluate source material

Relevant Encyclopedias

Ryan Library has several subject encyclopedias topics relevant to topics in communication and theatre, including:

Finding Reference Sources

Need to find an encyclopedia not listed on this page?

  • Go to the Advanced Search in PHINEAS
  • Type a concise search (1 or 2 words) in the keyword box
  • Select Reference in the Location box
  • If you have trouble finding resources, ask a librarian for help

Why Use Reference Books?

Reference sources provide background information, topic overviews, specialized vocabulary and terminology, and coverage of critical concepts. The library has reference materials both online and in print.

Want more information? 

Citation Help

Need help citing an article from a subject encyclopedia?  Check out our Citation Help page.

Ask a Librarian

Chat with a librarian here! 

You can also connect via text message at 619-592-8884 or by email.