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Communication & Theatre: Internet

This guide will help researchers in Communication and Theatre identify and evaluate source material

Recommended Websites

Review the online resources below to see if they can enrich your research. Place the cursor over each link for a description of the site.

If you have suggestions for additional links, please contact Denise Nelson.

Not finding what you need?

Try one of these options:

Evaluating Websites

The following guidance for web site evalution is drawn from Diana Hacker's tips:


  • Does the site or document have an author? Can you tell whether the author is knowledgeable and credible? 


  • Who, if anyone, sponsors the site? Does the sponsor likely have a bias?

Purpose and audience

  • Why was the site created: To argue a position? To sell a product? To inform readers? Which readers?


  • How current is the information?  If the document or site is too dated to provide relevant information, find a more timely source.

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