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SOC 201 Cultural Anthropology Research Guide: Reference Sources

The purpose of this guide to to help students in Dr. Jamie Gate's SOC 201 class with their assignments.

Why use reference books?

Reference sources provide background information, an overview of a topic, specialized vocabulary and terminology, and critical concepts.  They're often a great starting point.  The Library has reference materials both online and in print.

Want more information? 

Reference Sources on Cultural Anthropology

Ryan Library has several subject encyclopedias on the general topic of Cultural Anthropology.  These books are found in the library's Reference Area. Titles include:

Reference Sources on Specific Cultures

Ryan Library has many encyclopedias on specific cultures.  These books are located in the library's Reference Area.  Here are a few examples:

How to Cite...

EndNote is a Web-based tool for managing and citing references in papers and creating bibliographies.  EndNote has numerous citation styles including ASA (Amereican Sociological Association) and AAA (American Anthropological Assoication.)  EndNote is available to current members of the PLNU community.  Use your 8-digit PLNU ID card number to access EndNote Web.
Also look at these online resources for ASA citation help:
American Sociology Association web site
OWL ASA Resources

American Anthropological Association (AAA) Style Guide - A PDF of the AAA guide.