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LIN 312: Introduction to Linguistics: Name Essay

This guide covers PLNU library resources on linguistics in order to help you complete the Name Essay and Research Essay assignments.

Name Dictionaries

+Find name dictionaries by conducting a basic or keyword search for names in WorldCat.  Use the "Similar Items" list at the bottom of each book display to jump from one relevant book to others on the same topic.  

+While you're at it, try a subject search for names, personal.

+A few examples of name-related books in Ryan Library:

Oxford Reference Online

Explore Oxford Reference Online for reference books about names. This database provides digital access to several reference books from the same publisher, so be sure to narrow your search to the type of information you need.

Keep these search tips in mind:

  1. Specifying a subject area will yield better results.
  2. Variant spellings may be necessary.

Oxford English Dictionary (OED)

The OED provides authoritative definitions of over 500,000 words, traces the usage of words from their first recorded occurrence to the modern period, offers etymological analysis and variant spellings, and uses the International Phonetic Alphabet to show pronunciation.

The Oxford English Dictionary is available in two formats via Ryan Library.  Visit either the digital version or the print edition described below.

See the digital version: Oxford English Dictionary Online 
Sign into this resource using your PLNU network login.

Or find the print edition in the library Reference area:

If You're Interested...

Want to do a little more reading about word origins and our changing language?  One of these options may be just what you need.