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CDV 320 (Development of Children and Adolescents): Home

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Research Project

Research Question (10 points available)

Present your idea for the major research assignment. Think of a problem or dilemma of child or adolescent development. Pick something that interests you. It can relate to parenting, environmental issues, or social issues. (Week 2)

  • Give a statement of the problem or dilemma.
  • Select a theorist (Erikson, Piaget, Vygotsky, etc.) to provide a theoretical framework for your research project. 

Literature Review (40 points available)

Find five peer-reviewed articles that provide a research base for your research topic. (Week 4)

  • Write an abstract of each article
  • Create an APA-style bibliography using the website 
  • Projects will be submitted and presented during finals week

Statement of the Problem (40 points available)

In this assignment you will write a problem statement for your research project. (Week 5) The statement should include:

  • a summary of the problem based on your review of the literature
  • the importance of the problem, and why further research should be persued based on your literature review
  • and the theoretical framework

Research Methodology (20 points available)

In this assignment you will determine the research design for your project. (Week 6) Decide on the following:

  • What is your hypothesis?
  • What population of children you will study? (age, gender, location, etc)
  • What research method will you use? (observation, experiementation, surveys, case studies, etc.)
  • How do you proposed to collect the data?(journal entries, video, test results, survey results)
  • What forms of release/parent permissions may be needed for your study?

Final Research Project: Putting It All Together (50 points available)

For this final research project assignment you will assemble your entire research project. (Week 7) Make sure you have revised your work according to feedback from the instructor. Your final project should include the following:

  • Statement of Problem
  • Theoretical Framework
  • Literature Review
  • Hypothesis
  • Research Methodology
  • Bibliography